Okay first off men think there greater then female all the fuckin time so if I feel like I’m greater then guess wat bitch thts my opinion and just cuz for once a women feels greater don’t mean shit fuck u


ah yes this guide is amazing thank u for explaining every single woman to me


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How fucking disgusting it it that I have to carry a knife and mace in order to feel safe walking alone? I wish most men knew how fucking terrifying it is to have someone stare at you intensely or fucking touch you.

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Unleash hell, girl!

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Fifth Harmony’s “BO$$" + Positive message and cute outfits.

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my friend John just wrote the best post about catcalling possibly ever. 


From Amy Lam’s article "Nicki Minaj’s Unapologetic Sexuality is Not a Crisis"

When Minaj received negative feedback after releasing the cover art for “Anaconda,” she took to her Instagram to highlight the inconsistent and—let’s be honest—racist reactions to her displaying her own body. She wrote“Angelic. Acceptable. Lol” alongside photos of white Sports Illustrated models, topless and arching their backs, with their barely-covered bottoms on the cover of the magazine.

When Lady Gaga uses her body as a form of expression, she’s an “artist.” When Nicki Minaj owns her own hypersexuality, she’s slut-shamed.  

Where was the outcry against Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” when she laid about nude on a puffy pink cloud, with a small piece of fluff covering her bum? Did folks call Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” a piece of pornography when she salaciously licked a sledgehammer and writhed around naked on an actual wrecking ball? Did Jennifer Aniston face disparaging criticism for her strip scenes in last year’s We’re The Millers? Nope, they asked her how she got in shape for the role.  

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But if fifth harmony did something like this they would be called whores, sluts, and more demeaning names…but since its males it makes their nudes acceptable?



First aid.

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